Vocational Training Council Notebook Ownership Program 2018 has been ended on 31 Oct 2018 Vocational Training Council Notebook Ownership Program 2018 has been ended on 31 Oct 2018

Notebook Spring Program 2019 – Vocational Training Council- Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Purchase Eligibility

Who is eligible to apply for the “Notebook Spring Program 2019 – Vocational Training Council” (“Program”)?
All students
& staff (“Customers”) of Vocational Training Council (“VTC”) WITH official documents are entitled to enjoy special product offers.

 Please refer to the Terms & Conditions of the Program for more details.

1.    Any supporting document needed for purchase?

Online Order
- The Customer needs to register at the Program Online Purchase Portal ("Portal")  at
www.hktshop.com/educationoffer using a valid school-issued email.
- The Customer is required to input student/ staff
ID No. and upload the following documents for verification & audit purpose


Supporting documents


A valid Student Card of VTC.




A valid Staff Card of the VTC.




2.    Which Apple products are available in this Program?

The Customer may purchase Apple MacBook Air/ MacBook Pro / iPad and Apple accessories.

3.    Can I buy AppleCare/AppleCare+ in a separate order?

You must purchase AppleCare/AppleCare+ with Mac/iPad in one order during Program Period.

4.    How can I re-upload my supporting documents after placed order?

You may access to “My Account” and re-upload your student card under “Account Information” after login.


5    Why can’t I use the coupon received from previous purchase?

This program is only eligible for student and staff of VTC. Alumni of VTC is not eligible to  

use the coupon.


6.    Is there a purchase quota per student/staff?

Each eligible customer can only purchase one set of any Mac (MacBook Air / MacBook / MacBook Pro) and one set of any iPad on our portal and only one set of MacBook Pro in any Apple reseller stores and/or Education program online web portal within the Program period (Feb 1, 2019 – May 31, 2019).



7.    What models are entitled to a Beats Solo3 Wireless Headset gift?

Only Macbook Pro is entitled to one free Beats Solo3 Wireless Headset gift and is bound by the below terms:

Each eligible customer is only entitled to one free unit of Beats Solo3 Wireless Headset under the Program in any Apple reseller stores and/or Education program online web portal. Customer cannot pick the color of the gift.


Ordering Methods

1.    How can I place an order?

You may place order via the Portal at www.hktshop.com/educationoffer  from 1st February, 2019  to 31st May, 2019 (or “Program Period”).

2.    What is the payment method?

You can pay by the following payment method:

Payment Method

Visa/ Master/ UnionPay


Credit Card Installment

WeChat Pay

Alipay (China)


Online Purchase

Only applicable to BOC Credit Card

Not Applicable


3.    What should I do if my account is locked even though I have not placed the order?

You can log-out and log-in again in 15 min.

4.    What should I do if I would like to use coupon during checkout process?

You may return to home page and click “Customer with HKT Education coupon” to apply coupon in your purchase. You need to input the Discount Code imprinted in the coupon before checkout.


Order Amendment / Cancellation

Can I amend / cancel the order?

If you want to amend the order within seven (7) days from the date of order confirmation shown on collection note, an administrative fee of HK$150 will be charged to you and the order date will be cancelled. You will need to place the order again. The date of collection of the Goods will be shown on the new collection note.


Any amendment after seven days from the date of order confirmation shown on collection note is not acceptable. No order cancellation or refund is allowed upon order confirmation.


Goods Collection Arrangement

1.    When & where can I collect the Goods? 
You may select the collection date (estimated time: around 4-6weeks from the purchase date) & location when placing an order.

+ details will be shown on the collection note

HKT Shop

Hong Kong Island



Shop B, G/F, Nos. 93-99 Wanchai Road

Operating Hours

Mon –Sat 1000-2100; Sun 1030-2100




Shop No.1,2,3 & 5, G/F, Ginza Plaza, No.2A Sai Yeung Choi Street South

Operating Hours

Mon-Sun 1000-2230

New Territories



Shop A, G/F, Chek Wing Court, No.175 Castle Peak Road

Operating Hours

Mon-Sun 1000-2100



G/F, No.280 Sha Tsui Road

Operating Hours

Mon-Sun 1030-2130



* We reserve the right to change the operating hours without prior notice.


  1. What documents do I need to bring along when collecting the Goods? 

You are required to collect the Goods at the date and location specified on the Collection Note. The Customer may collect the Goods in person or authorize a third party to collect. The Customer is required to bring the ORIGINAL COPY of the following supporting documents upon collection for identity verification.


A. Student

(i)            A valid Student Card of VTC, and

(ii)           Collection Note



            B. Staff

(i)            A valid Staff Card of VTC, and

(ii)           Collection Note



  1. Can I authorize my family members or friends to collect the Goods?
    If you are not available to collect Goods during the collection period, you can authorize a third party to collect the Goods on your behalf. The authorized person must present your signed Authorization Form, the Collection Notes, and photocopy of your above-mentioned documents and the identity document for verification. The Authorization Form can be downloaded in the Portal.  


  1. What can I do if I miss the collection period?

The order will be forfeited if the Goods has not been picked up within one month from the collection period stated on Collection Note.


5.    Can I select delivery service?

You may select a paid delivery service with a delivery charge of HK$100 per order. The paid delivery service is only applicable to premises in Hong Kong.


Additional delivery surcharge for specific areas:

Specific Areas

Delivery surcharge

Hong Kong International Airport, Discovery Bay, Lantau Island and other outlying islands


Tung Chung and Ma Wan


The delivery service to buildings without lift is subject to HK$40 labour cost surcharge per floor


The delivery service is not applicable to restricted areas including but not limited to Sha Tau Kok.


Goods Collection Arrangement during Tropical Cyclone Warning & Rainstorm Signal

1.    What can I do if I encounter a Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above or Black Rainstorm Warning on the day of collection?

Delivery and pick up services may be delayed without prior notice. Refunds will not be catered. You may visit the shop of your choice after all the signals have been removed and our services have been resumed back to normal operations.   


Defective Goods

1. What should I do if the Goods are defective upon collection?


You may need to visit the Apple Store for all defective problems.


Special Privileged Discounted Offer
1. How can I enjoy the Special Privileged Discounted Offer?

The offers are only applicable to full time students of VTC (upon provision of a valid student identity document is required) to purchase any Mac / iPad in the Program.


A) NETVIGATOR Broadband Service

You can call the dedicated sales hotline or visit selected HKT Shops to apply for the service after purchasing the product(s) in Portal:

- If you are aged 18 or above, you are eligible to subscribe for the NETVIGATOR Broadband Service. The registered name for the NETVIGATOR Broadband service must be the same as the name of the Customer in Collection Note.

- This offer is applicable to new customers only.

- This offer is subject to designated buildings only.

- You are required to quote the order ID on the Collection Note / present the Collection Note when subscribing for the NETVIGATOR Broadband Service

Terms & Conditions apply.

2. Can I enjoy more than 1 of NETVIGATOR Broadband Service Special Privileged Discounted Offer?

Sorry, each eligible Customer can enjoy each of the NETVIGATOR Broadband Service Special Privileged Discounted Offer once.

3. Can I enjoy NETVIGATOR Broadband Service Special Privileged Discounted Offer if I purchased Apple accessories only? 

Sorry, the Special Privileged Discounted Offer is only applicable to the eligible customers who purchase any Mac/iPad.

4. I have previously purchased a Mac in your NOP Program and received a Mac cash coupon of HK$540 and/or a iPad cash coupon of HK$200; can I use it to purchase a new device in this Program?

If you are a student or staff who have received a coupon from our previous NOP program (Aug 15, 2018 – Oct 31, 2018), you may use the coupon for this Program. However, you may not use it together with any other special offers. You may also lose the opportunity to redeem special premiums at the time.

Terms & Conditions of coupons:

  • Only existing customers who have participated in our previous program during Aug 15, 2018 – Oct 31, 2018 may use our HKT Education cash coupon (or “Coupon”).The coupon is only redeemable at HKT Education program website or HKT Education authorized roadshows.
  • The coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or privileges of HKT Education.
  • The coupon can only be used once.
  • The coupon cannot be exchanged for cash or its equivalent.
  • The coupon is not applicable to alumni of all designated tertiary institutes.
  • The expiry date of the coupon is non-extendable.
  • Coupon is not refundable and cannot be replaced if lost, damaged or expired.
  • Coupon code may only be applied once only. Any amendments of the order may result in losing your entitlement to the coupon issued by HKT Education Limited. (“HKT Education”).
  • You must input the Discount Code during their online purchase process.
  • Coupon Sample:

Discount Code





特選大專院校春季優惠2019  –  VTC

常見問答 (FAQ)


  1. 誰合乎資格參與是次「特選大專院校春季優惠2019  –  VTC(優惠) ?


  1. 如何證明我合乎申請資格?
    客戶需使用學院電郵地址於計劃網上訂購平台(「平台」) ( www.hktshop.com/educationoffer )註冊









  1. 是次優惠提供什麼型號的Apple產品供選購?
    顧客可選擇購買Apple MacBook Air/MacBook/ MacBook Pro/ iPadApple 配件。

  2. 我可以單獨購買AppleCare/ AppleCare+嗎?

您必須與Mac/iPad同一時間購買AppleCare/ AppleCare+


  1. 我可以怎樣重新上載有關證明文件?

您可以登入平台後選擇右上角的「My Account」,點選「Account Information」,重新上載有關證明文件。


6.    為甚麼我不能使用於上次購買所得的優惠劵?



  1. 每位學生/教職員最多可以訂購多少部Apple產品?

每位客戶只能在網上平台購買1MacMacBook Air / MacBook/MacBook Pro)和1iPad。計劃期內在任何Apple經銷商商店和/或網站中只能購買一套MacBook Pro 201921 -  2019531日)。


8.       哪些型號可獲得Beats Solo3 Wireless 頭戴式耳機禮品

購買Macbook Pro可獲得一部免費Beats Solo3 Wireless 頭戴式耳機,並受以下條款約束:

每位客戶在計劃期內在任何Apple經銷商商店和/或網站中購買MacBook Pro,只能享獲免費Beats Solo3無線耳機一部。客戶不能揀選禮品顏色。




1.    我可以從什麼途徑購買手提電腦?
您可於 2019 2 1日至 5 31 日於平台 ( http://www.hktshop.com/educationoffer )訂購。


2.    我可以用什麼方式付款?






WeChat Pay

Alipay (China)






3.    我仍未成功購買,為什麼我的賬戶已經被鎖定?



4.    我要如何在付款過程中使用優惠劵?

您可以返回主頁,並按「Customer with HKT Education coupon」進入購買程序。使用優惠劵時,需於付款過程中輸入優惠劵上的優惠劵號碼及折扣號碼。



1. 我購買後可更改或取消訂單嗎?





  1. 我可以什麼時候及在哪裏取貨呢?








10:00 – 21:00

10:30 – 21:00

九龍旺角西洋菜南街2A號銀城廣場地下1,2,35號商店 (HKT 旺角旗艦店)

10:00 – 22:30

10:00 – 22:30

新界元朗青山公路175號澤榮閣地下 A 號舖

10:00 – 21:00

10:00 – 21:00


10:30 – 21:30

10:00 – 21:30



  1. 我需要帶備什麼文件以提取貨品?


         A. 學生

§  有效之學生證

§  取貨通知書


         B. 教職員

§  有效之教職員證

§  取貨通知書



3.    如我不可親自取貨,可請親人或朋友代取嗎?


  1. 若我過了取貨通知書上的取貨期限仍未提取貨品該怎樣辦?



5.  我可選擇送貨服務嗎?















1.    當取貨日遇上天文台發出八號或以上熱帶氣旋警告信號或黑色暴雨警告,我該如何處理?






1.    如購買後發現硬件出現問題,我應如何處理?


您可以前往 Apple Store查詢有關安排。



1.    有什麼條件方可申請特別折扣優惠?




- 網上行寬頻服務的登記客戶須與取貨通知書上的客戶姓名相同,客戶須為年滿18歲或以上

- 您需要於申請服務時提供取貨通知書上的編號/出示取貨通知書

- 優惠只適用於新客戶

- 優惠只適用於特定屋苑

- 您需要於申請服務時提供取貨通知書



2.    我已購買了MaciPad我可享用兩個或以上相同的網上行寬頻服務特別折扣優惠嗎



3.    我只購買了配件,可以享用網上行寬頻服務特別折扣優惠嗎?



4.    我去年九月經筆記本電腦計劃購買了Mac產品,並收到$540優惠劵。我可以在本次計劃中使用該優惠劵購買產品嗎?

若您是VTC機構成員的學生及教職員,並於上次筆記本電腦計劃 (2018815 -  20181031) 中收到優惠劵,您可以於本次計劃中使用。但此優惠劵不能與其他特別折扣優惠同時使用,您亦不能同時換領特別禮品。



  • 只適用於參與去年筆記本電腦計劃 (2018815 -  20181031)之客戶可使用HKT Education 現金優惠劵 (「優惠劵」)。優惠劵適用於HKT Education 計劃網站或 HKT Education 的授權展銷會
  • 此優惠劵不能與HKT Education的其他特別折扣優惠同時使用.
  • 此優惠劵只能使用一次。
  • 此優惠劵不能兌換為現金、其他產品、服務或折扣優惠。
  • 此優惠劵不適用於任何指定大專院校的校友。
  • 此優惠劵之有效日期不能延長。
  • 若客戶遺失、損毀優惠劵或優惠券過期,HKT Education不會補發優惠券、退款或賠償。
  • 此優惠劵只能輸入使用一次。任何於訂購途中修改訂單,有可能會導致優惠劵失效。
  • 您必須於網上付款過程中輸入優惠劵上的優惠劵號碼及折扣號碼。