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Philips BM5B 無線跨房間喇叭 (3台家庭裝)



Play music in one room wirelessly via Bluetooth

Philips izzy speaker lets you stream all your favourite music from your phone, tablet or computer, no matter which music or radio app you use.



Group up to 5 izzy with izzylinkTM for multiroom enjoyment

izzylinkTM is a wireless technology that uses the IEEE 802.11n standard to enable the link-up of multiple speakers to form a wireless network. The network connects up to five speakers without the need for a router, Wi-Fi password or any smart device mobile app to set it up. You can add izzy speakers to the network easily to enjoy music playing at the same time in different rooms. Each speaker can still be switched between single mode for individual use or group mode for multiroom music with one tap.

One tap to set up izzylink, no router, no password, no apps

No router, no password, no apps needed for set up. Just long press the "GROUP" button on two speakers to set up for the first time. Repeat to add a third, fourth or fifth speaker. Each long press of the "Group" button adds one new speaker at a time. Multiroom music has never been easier. Once complete, the izzylinkTM network will be stored even when the speaker is unplugged.


Change the master speaker in the group with just one tap

In each izzylinkTM group, any individual speaker can be the master, streaming music to the others. When you want to take the lead to share your own music, press the Bluetooth button on the speaker in your room and share that music from your device instantly. Other speakers in the same izzylinkTM group will play the same music in sync at the same time. Sharing music with each other is just that easy.


2 x 2.5" drivers with bass port for room-filling sound

Equipped with 2 x 2.5'' audiophile-grade drivers, izzy multiroom speakers create powerful room-filling sound while bass ports expand low-frequencies, creating a truly immersive and dynamic experience.




Loudspeaker types Integrated
Built-in speakers 2
Speaker drivers 2 x 2.5" full-range drivers with bass ports


Volume Control rotary
Output power (RMS) 5 W


Included accessories World Wide Warranty leaflet
Quick install guide
AC/DC adapter 100-240 V


Product dimensions (WxDxH) 165 x 118 x 165 mm
Packaging dimensions (WxDxH) 269 x 211 x 158 mm
Product weight 1.123 kg
Weight incl. Packaging 1.837 kg


Android tablets and smartphones with Android 2.1 and Bluetooth 2.1 or above
other music devices with Bluetooth 2.1 or above
works with most Bluetooth smartphones
music devices